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Rental History Reports is the leading tenant screening service for small landlords whether you have 1 property or 100. With decades of experience, we’ve pretty much seen it all and know how to help you fill your properties with the best tenants.

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small landlord tenant screening

Enterprise Level Functionality Designed for Small Landlords

You see, other services only cover the basics of tenant screening, and often leave small landlords like you in the dark about the really important metrics. By partnering with Rental History Reports, you get a direct connection to the most comprehensive screening service available with unrivaled data thoroughness and accuracy. Never again will you need to worry about the history of your tenants. Keep your sanity and money, safe.

small landlord tenant credit history

Comprehensive Credit History Summary

Most screening services only take a quick look at employment history of the applicant. Rental History Reports does that, and so much more. You can take an in-depth look at applicant’s credit history to find any red flags. We comb through things like:

  • credit Pastdue Payments Pastdue Payments
  • Bankruptcy Bankruptcy
  • Credit Score Credit Score
  • Collections Collections

You get a report of their financial and credit history which quickly determines if an applicant has the financial ability to pay their rent. * Please speak with a representative to add this to our standard small landlord packages.

Identity Verification & Fraud Prevention

Identity theft has caused over $50 billion of damage to small landlords just like you and counting. Rental History Reports has relentlessly worked to perfect our screening process to quickly identify a fraud before they hurt you or your property. Just a simple click and you immediately validate any applicant. We continuously update our database with the latest information from sources like the FBI, DEA, Global Terrorism Database, and more. We even cross check this information across multiple data sources which means you can be certain of tenant’s identity.

small landlord tenant identity-verification
small landlord tenant rental eviction history

Detailed Rental & Eviction History

You get access to in-depth court eviction data which is the most up-to-date information available and their outcomes. If a tenant has been previously evicted, it’s more likely to happen again, and this can cause a serious dent to your income. Don’t let a smooth talker slip through the cracks. Make sure you’re absolutely certain before you approve any tenant’s application.

Federal to County Criminal History

The key to protecting your assets is knowing your tenant’s criminal history. Without a proper criminal history report, you could be risking damage to your property and worse. What once took days, if not weeks, now only takes a couple minutes. Rental History Reports has perfected the criminal history search, and you can fully rely on our tools to give you the big picture on all your applicants.

smal landlord tenant criminal history
small landlord tenant employment verification

Employment Verification & History

Once the applicant has gone through our multi-step screening process they are then put through one last verification. Use our platform to find information on the employment history of all tenants with our proprietary direct-to-source investigation. We go through the current and previous employment history to find information like:

  • employment verification current salary Current Salary
  • employment verification employment dates Employment Dates
  • employment verification current standing Current Standing
  • employment verification position level Position Level

We confirm the authenticity of the applicant employment through these metrics. And, if there are no red flags, than you can be more certain you have a good quality tenant. Rental History Reports eliminates anxiety and keeps your money in your pocket.  *Please speak with a representative to add this to our standard small landlord packages.

Intuitive Tenant Screening for Small Landlords…

Applicant screening is one of the most dreaded parts of being a small landlord.
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