Tenant Risk Assessment for Small Landlords

Small Landlords are at the highest risk of being taken advantage of by tenants. With our predictive modeling and reporting, you’ll have the best information to make intelligent decisions about which tenants to choose.

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small landlord tenant risk assessment

Financial Risk

The number one most common risk associated with property rentals is typical always financial. Residents that cannot, do not or will not pay rent are a clear and present danger. When you sign into a lease with one of these types of tenants, getting paid on time quickly becomes a hassle. To avoid the situation at all cost, you must utilize a top quality financial risk summary report on all your applicants.

small landlord tenant Financial Risk
small landlord tenant Financial Risk

Legal Risk

Many applicants may not have obvious criminal histories, but upon closer and deeper inspection, unlawful activity is discovered. Beyond criminal history, immediate red flags include court mandated evictions, settled cases involving evictions or lost payments, and any ongoing cases that are yet to be resolved. Having this information can mean the difference between a safe property with happy tenants and a lease full of nightmares.

Safety Risk

We all value safety and security. Show your tenants that you also take this seriously by continually monitoring and assessing security risks associated with new and renewing tenants. By doing this, you’ll have a community of residents that are at ease and feel safe at home. Moreover, you protect your bottom line and mitigate risk associated with legal issues. Customer satisfaction ties directly into risk management and when you have both of them in check, all your tenants are appreciative.

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