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As a commercial property manager you understand the day-to-day requirements of managing a heavily used property. Conducting tenant screening on thousands of applicants a year is a downright headache. Rental History Reports brings you a solution developed for you, the commercial property manager, tailored to your unique needs.

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commercial property managers
Commercial Property Managers Solutions

You Deserve Tailored Solutions

Commercial Property Tenant Screening

Our process for commercial property tenant screening is the most thorough you’ll find! It was designed from the ground up to be accurate, seamless, and most importantly, cost-effective. Don’t let name aliases, fake information or other misleading applicants put you in a bad spot. We empower you to put an end to all of that.

  • Commercial Property National Credit Report FICO Score National Credit Report w/ FICO Score
  • Commercial Property Secretary of State Verification Secretary of State Verification
  • Commercial Property Statewide County Criminal Searches Statewide/County Criminal Searches
  • Commercial Property Fraud Identity Protection Fraud & Identity Protection
  • Commercial Property Commercial Trade References Commercial Trade References
  • Commercial Property Commercial Bank References Commercial Bank References

All of this information, and more, gets compiled automatically and delivered to you in an easy-to-understand online dashboard. Create a commercial property risk assessment with an applicant’s credit information and overlay additional data to systematically and efficiently process applications. With so much knowledge in your hands, making the right decisions is the future and wrong decisions, a thing of the past.

commercial property managers


The primary motivation for leasing your commercial properties is to drive a return on your investment. If a tenant stops paying, you need to act quickly. If your collections process isn’t streamlined for convenient and prompt payments, then you’re losing out. Our tenant collections solution guarantees you’ll be using best practices and technology to collect any unpaid payments. We’ve mastered the art of collections, so you don’t have to.

Our partnership with Hunter Warfield sets us apart and sets the standard for collections, moving you into the future of advanced commercial property collections. Don’t stay trapped in the past, work with us and you’ll appreciate a whole new way of collecting payments.

Resolve Workflow Issues Across Your Organization

Analytics & Reporting

Don’t take another company’s word for it when they provide background information on a prospective tenant, look at the actual data yourself!

With Rental History Reports, you get the most inclusive reports and analysis of any provider. We not only give you useful reports, we give you the data behind the facts.

commercial property Risk-Assessment

Risk Assessment

Evicting a struggling business is always a hard thing to do. Even though they may try their hardest, commercial tenants who can’t fit the bill are a risk to your business. The easy solution is to stop it before it happens.

Some of the commercial tenant risk assessment risk features we’ve developed to accomplish this include: Quick Scan™ ID Scanning, Perpetual Criminal Monitoring, Safeguard Property Protection and much more.


The rental and leasing process is complex and intricate. Many times you will use a solution that you like for one area of your business, but it quite doesn’t cut it for other areas. We realized this early on and made it simpler than ever to integrate with an almost unlimited amount of complementary platforms.

From custom site branding to management software data imports, Rental History Reports knows what you need and can find a solution to make it work. Vertically integrated partnerships help put applicant information at your fingertips.

commercial property Integrations

True Customization

Not all commercial property managements solutions were created equal. Rental History Reports is more than a suite of tenant screening and collections tools. It’s an all-inclusive rental and leasing platform designed to make your life easier. If there is anything you don’t like about your current online management platform, click the button below to find the better alternative.

Smart Commercial Property Leasing…

Modern times call for modern solutions. Learn how we can help you automate your
renting and leasing workflows to find the best tenants and increase revenues.

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