Tenant Risk Assessment

Finally, you have the tools to analyze and model characteristics of what makes a good tenant with  comprehensive risk assessment capabilities, right at your fingertips. Mitigate risk by identifying possible troublesome tenants before they move in with tenant risk scores and analysis, designed by property managers for property managers.

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tenant risk assessment
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Predictive Scores Equal Better Tenants

Finding the right renters means you’re minimizing loss and maximizing revenues on a tenant by tenant basis. That’s incredibly hard to do if you don’t have the right tools. With today’s strict compliance guidelines, you want to make ensure your evaluating each and every tenant in a similar manner based on the same set of standards. With Rental History Reports’ intelligent risk assessment tools, you set your risk tolerance across your applicants based on your internal criteria, and then analyze tenants based on the unified standards.

Successful property managers are those who take initiative, leverage technology and are proactive. By using our risk assessment tools, you separate the possible great applicants from the possible not so great, meaning lower risk for both you and your properties. You are provided with the right data at the right time to make tough decisions easy, all within compliance and regulatory guidelines.

Tenant Credit Risk Analysis & Modeling

Nobody likes to be left in the dark, and now you’re provided with a 360° view into an applicant’s financial risk profile. Credit scores are but a single component of a thorough risk assessment workflow. You need to couple credit score information with additional financial data to develop a fair and standardized risk assessment protocol. Tenants that cannot and do not pay rent are the greatest challenge you face as property managers. The key to success is identifying those tenants that might not pay on time before they sign a lease. Now, you can, consistently and easily!

financial modeling tenant risk assessment
risk assessment previous rental & evictions

Previous Rental History & Evictions

Most applicants do not have a criminal history, but what many more do have is a previous rental history. Rental history information is found on credit reports and in court records. Immediate red flags include court mandated evictions, settled cases involving evictions or lost payments, and any ongoing cases yet to be resolved. Now, with our comprehensive risk assessment tools, you can leverage rental history and eviction in your overall risk assessment criteria.

Criminal History

Protecting your property and other residents is integral to a profitable business and safe environment. However, not all criminal activity is cause for denying a prospective tenant. Our flexible risk assessment tools give you the power to decide what is and isn’t cause for rejecting an application. This is extremely important for high risk applicant pools where petty criminal history is more prevalent. It’s your decision and we provide you the ability to set the right thresholds for your properties.

criminal assessment

Intelligent Risk Assessment…

Use predictive scoring and intelligent risk analysis to improve your applicant
screening process. It’s easier than you think!

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