Housing Providers

Communities thrive when your residents have safe and stable housing to rely on. As a housing provider, you help families build roots, allowing them to grow within the community. Working with us ensures you’re using a comprehensive suite of renting and leasing tools to make this a reality.

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Housing Providers Tenant Screening

Innovative & Cost Effective Tools for Housing Providers

Tenant Screening

As an affordable housing provider, it’s your duty to keep the community as safe as possible. Rental History Reports easily assists you with this by providing advanced online tools for comprehensive and thorough tenant screening. You can ensure the safety of your community by letting our system do all the work for you!

With information like this, you will have the vital details needed to be confident in which applicants you approve. Protect your community and residents while maintaining operational effectiveness.

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Housing Providers Collections


Having to deal with tenant collections can be an incredible hassle. By partnering with us, you get an easy-to-use online collections platform to help you with all your unpaid payments. Recovering debts will be completely hands-off, and the process is as painless as possible, saving you time and money.

Renters Insurance

Providing your tenants renters insurance is good business. It protects your property and residents from physical damage like fire, flood, lightning and more. It also protects against theft and personal injury. By having renters insurance you can guarantee that your business will be protected when those unexpected situations arise.

Housing Providers Renters Insurance

Surety Bonds

Start leveraging surety bonds today! You’ll see a huge increase in a customer satisfaction with your applicants almost overnight! Surety bonds are a safe way to increase your conversion ratio with applicants without having them provide burdensome amounts of cash upfront. Offer your tenants an alternative to hefty security deposits and protect yourself when security deposit funds are needed.

Deeper Understanding of Tenants & Risk

Analytics & Reporting

Rental History Reports has created elegant analytics and reporting tools to help you optimize your operations.  As an affordable housing provider, you need accurate and timely information on your tenants and properties. You already have all the information you need. Our tools help you turn all that great data you have in to useful insights.

Housing Providers Analytics Reporting
Housing Providers Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Minimizing risk should always be top of mind, and risk comes in many different forms from bad tenants, evictions to property damage. That’s why when you partner with Rental History Reports, you’re provided with a tenant risk assessment suite that you can customize to fit your properties and tenants. You determine your risk thresholds and let our tools do the rest.

Best-in-Class Integration Partners

Rental History Reports is proud to say we have partnered with all the industry’s best property management software providers. Whether you have your own development team or want us to do the heavy lifting, we’ll get you up in running in no time with zero headaches.

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A Reliable Solution that Doesn’t Break the Bank…

Housing providers require comprehensive yet affordable renting and
leasing solutions, and that’s exactly what we provide!

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