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Providing your renters with insurance is smart business. It’s low cost, paid by the tenant and protects your properties from disastrous and unforeseen situations. You’re protected when your tenants have insurance!

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Cost-Effective Full Coverage

For over 20 years, Rental History Reports has been helping property managers, like you, automate the renting and leasing process. During that time, we’ve seen customers run into problems with various insurance providers, meaning huge risk was assumed by the property manager when an accident happened within a tenant’s unit.  We’ve partnered with the leading renters insurance provider, Assurant, to help you avoid these unfortunate,  yet inevitable, situations.

Affordable for Renters

Getting protection for your property is affordable and easy to set up for your tenants. Credit checks for renters insurance isn’t required after your properties are setup on our platform. Comprehensive and detailed reporting gives you visibility into your tenant’s current standing with their policy to make sure you receive prompt and timely payments. Your tenants get an affordable policy that protects them when those unforeseen events happen, at a cost that doesn’t break the bank.

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Comprehensive Coverage

Property coverage protects both you and your renters. Fire, theft and water damage happen more than you think. Did you know there’s a fire every 82 seconds… And, smoke damage is devastating! Minimize property loss when it happens because it will. When situations do arise, you and your tenants can easily submit claims online which are processed in a prompt and timely manner.

Renters Insurance Gives You Piece of Mind…

Protect your properties with comprehensive personal and liability
renters insurance coverage.

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