Lease Automation

Throw your typewriter and word processing software away! Automate the lease and rental agreement creation process. If you’re still doing things the old way, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

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Unique Leasing Documents with a Click

To generate a new lease, complete a simple form providing lease information. Rental History Reports uses information already on file about your tenant, automatically merges it all into a unique lease document, customized for each tenant. You are able to store your leases locally, print them or send them electronically. What used to be a time consuming process, prone to errors, has never been easier.

Saved Time = Saved Money

By automating the lease process, you can save precious hours and devote that new time elsewhere. Rental History Reports is the only tool you need to automate your leasing process.

Use your newly found free-time to focus on business growth and keeping current tenants satisfied.  Freedom to work “on” your business instead of “in” your business is exactly what you achieve through end-t0-end lease automation. Try out our lease automation process for yourself and judge whether or not it makes your life easier…we bet it will.

Lease Automation Saved Time Saved Money
Lease Automation Consistency Reduces Errors

Consistency Reduces Errors

The majority of leasing errors occur because of human error. If you’re tired of errors, big or small, lease automation is exactly what you need. It’s been developed by our team of leasing experts with decades of experience.

With our  leasing automation tools, you’ll never sit there wondering, “How does this work again?” Our platform is intuitive, responsive, and easy to use. Get up in running in a few minutes… you’ll be generating leases in no time!

Commercial & Residential Lease Generation

  • Lease Generation Time is Money Time is Money

    Automate the creation and approval of lease agreements with minimal back and forth. Stop paper pushing. Focus on operational excellence.

  • Legibility

    Has confusion caused by illegible information every been a problem? With electronically compiled lease documents, there will never be issues for you and your tenants.

  • Control

    Maintain complete control over the lease document process. Only disseminate leases for tenants that have been “approved” or “conditionally accepted” based on the criteria you set.

  • Archiving & Storage

    Your lease documents are saved as a word document or PDF allowing for easy and efficient archiving. Eliminate the need for paper filing, saving you time and space.

Automation is Finally Here

Make mistakes a thing of the past. Save time by automating and
simplifying lease automation.

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