Small Landlord Lease Agreements

There are far more important activities you should be doing than sitting down and typing out new leases. Not only does it waste your time, but there is a higher risk of errors which can lead to general confusion or worse, lawsuits.

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small landlord lease agreements

Lease Agreements & Documents for All Situations

Rental History Reports provides you with all the important leasing and renting documents you need.  Our objective is to save you time and effort on renting and leasing documentation, so you can spend it elsewhere, doing what you want. Don’t become a slave to your own property and paperwork. Utilize our lease agreements and documents to maximize efficiency and streamline your business like never before.

small landlord lease agreements library

Comprehensive Agreement Library for You

Whether you need lease agreements, claims forms, collections letters, subleasing forms, or eviction notices, Rental History Reports has got you covered. With over 20 years of experience, we know exactly what documents and forms you need to run your properties successfully.

  • comprehensive Lease Agreements Lease Agreements
  • comprehensive Eviction Notices Eviction Notices
  • Claims Forms Claims Forms
  • Collection Letters Collection Letters

Stay in Control

Small landlords who choose to partner with us do so because of how easy we make the entire renting and leasing process. That’s a fact. They love having the ability to set approval criteria for their rental applications, knowing that the report they receive is thorough and accurate. We proudly empower people like you, so you can get the most done as quickly as possible. Time is the most valuable resource you have, we understand that, and we enjoy seeing your smile when your business is simplified. Take a look at just how easy creating rental agreements can be!

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Lease Agreements, We’ve Got You Covered

Small landlords no longer need to worry about time consuming
lease agreement generation.

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