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As a residential property manager you are confronted with unique issues to resolve. You’re fully accountable for all the day-to-day operations of your property and situations arise when you don’t have the right information at the right time. Our residential property tools help you keep your properties in peak condition with the best tenants while maximizing revenues.

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Residential Property Tenant Screening

When you choose Rental History Reports you get direct access to the most advanced tenant screening service in the nation! By taking the extra step to thoroughly qualify tenants, you prevent most disastrous situations from ever occurring. Eliminate late fees, evictions, property damage and a whole host of other problems by using Rental History Reports. With just a few clicks, you get a detailed tenant screening report:

  • residential property credit history Credit History
  • residential property eviction history Eviction History
  • residential property criminal searches Criminal Searches
  • residential property identity verification Identity Verification
  • residential property rental references Rental References
  • residential property employment verification Employment Verification

residential surety bonds

Tenant Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are the perfect solution for property managers who are looking to increase their application approval rates with lower move in cost requirements for tenants. It allows you to provide multiple options to your tenants to increase your overall applicant pool.  You of course can require your standard security deposit amount or you can offer qualified tenants a surety bond, meaning lower move in costs. Surety bonds protect you and your tenants while minimizing upfront cash requirements.

Tenant Collections

Sometimes bad situations happen. When a tenant doesn’t pay their rent, it’s your job to recover the debt. That’s why Rental History Reports has partnered with Hunter Warfield.  You immediately get an easy online tenant collections solution which integrates with your tenant information, making the process as painless as possible. You save time, maintain a positive image and minimize liabilities.

residential property manager renters insurance

Renters Insurance

Nowadays, having renters insurance is almost necessary in order to protect your properties from catastrophic events, including property damage, theft and personal liability for injuries occurred on the property. Having the right insurance protects against profit loss. By mandating renters insurance for your tenants you can deflect resident-caused damage, protecting you from huge financial risk!

Insights Like You’ve Never Had Before

Analytics & Reporting

Staying up-to-date on all your tenants keeps operations running at peak efficiency. Tap into an analytics and reporting software that continually monitors and optimizes how your property runs. You get real-time  information which essentially allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your tenants and operations.

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residential Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

As a property manager you need to be proactive when it comes to minimizing liabilities. You’re entrusted to operate with the owner’s best interest at heart, and this means being proficient at risk assessment. Risk comes in all forms, from property damage to late payments. That’s why with Rental History Reports  you get customized solutions which continually reduce the liabilities associated with “bad” tenants. Take the first step to eliminating your anxiety and worries by integrating your property with Rental History Reports!

Direct Integrations with Your Systems

Rental History Reports is proud to offer easy integration with your existing residential property management systems. By teaming up with the industry’s leading  software providers, you get a painless and speedy integration path.

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