Collections for Tenants

Are you wasting time and money by going through traditional tenant collections processes? In order to maximize recovery, you need a solution and partner with years of experience and industry expertise. You need someone who understands tenant collections.

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The Easier Way to Manage Collections

Experts in collections are what you need. We understand the unique challenges facing your business and how you can simplify the collections process and recover outstanding tenant balances. Through our partnership with Hunter Warfield, Rental History Reports offers you the ease of online collections with no additional sign-up fees or out-of-pocket costs.

Utilize a seamless integration between your tenant data and collections data for efficient placements of new collection accounts. It’s a cohesive linkage that facilitates the recovery of outstanding payments.  You have the ability to accept multiple payment options for debtors, including credit cards, check by phone, Western Union and mail in payments, to name a few. With so many options for payments, your tenants will have no trouble paying open balances, in any way that is convenient for them and you.

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A Winning Strategy

Decades of experience and in-depth industry knowledge ensures you’ll only ever need a single collections workflow for all your tenant debt collections. Remove the burden of debt collections off of your shoulders.

Recover debts in a timely and profitable manner by collecting initial debt balances and charging interest on the money owed. Dramatically increase your bottom line with timely collections. Maintain your business image by providing visibility into the performance of your properties and the adherence to your rent payment policies. Save time by relying on a fully licensed, trusted partner with a dedicated collections team specializing in professional revenue recovery.

Collections that Work

  • tenant collections debtor Debtor Direct Payments

    Money that changes hands too many times always takes a loss. We ensure that your residents pay you directly.

  • tenant collections credit bureau Credit Bureau Reporting

    Be sure to notify other landlords and property managers of a residents payment history and performance by reporting to Credit Bureaus.

  • tenant collections legal documentation Legal Documentation

    Lawsuits are more prevalent now than ever before which is why you need to be sure that all of your legal documentation is air-tight.

  • tenant collections asset locations Asset Location & Confiscation

    For extremely delinquent tenants, it can be taken a step further and law enforcement can be utilized to assist with recovery efforts. We guide you through the process.

Work with the Collections Experts…

Decades of experience with a dedicated, trusted partner.
A winning combination for your collection needs.

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