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Over the last 20 years, Rental History Reports has revolutionized the tenant screening process for all Multi-Family Landlords & Property Managers. It’s time to see the true power of a fully comprehensive tenant screening background solution.

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Complete Tenant Screening Made Easy

Rental History Reports is more than just an online tenant screening tool, it covers every facet of the applicant process from beginning to end. Did you know tenant screening models should not use credit checks as their only means in determining a potential renter’s viability?  Of course, you need to check credit scores first, but there are other key metrics that you’ll want to check, as weel. Rental History Reports provides you a full and thorough look into a tenants background, so you know all the facts upfront.

Tenant Credit Report & History

If you’ve been in the rental and leasing business for awhile, you know that an tenant’s credit worthiness is the number one thing you’re evaluating. Our system provides the most comprehensive tenant credit report available today. Remember, this isn’t the only thing you should be checking, but it should be the first!

  • tenant bankruptcy Credit Accounts
  • tenant payment history Payment History
  • tenant credit accounts Bankruptcy
  • tenant collections Collections

Combine an applicant’s credit score with additional data points, and your tenant screening process will be virtually mistake proof.


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tentant identity fraud

Tenant Identity & Fraud

You don’t have to get burned to understand that identity theft and fraud is growing problem throughout the real estate industry. Protect your properties, business and tenants before anything happens. With an increase in stolen and fraudulent identities, you need to take fraud and identify theft seriously. In addition to date and state of issuance, we cross reference social security information to ensure detection of false or fraudulent identities.

Rental & Eviction History Reports

You get access to in-depth and up-to-date court eviction data and outcomes. If a tenant has been previously evicted, then the likelihood of it happening again is significant.  Don’t let a smooth talker slip through the cracks.  Make sure you’re absolutely certain with this a thorough rental and eviction history report before you approve any application.

History always has a tendency to repeat itself, for better or worse. If a tenant has been evicted before or still owes money on a previous property then they aren’t a good fit for you. Our comprehensive court eviction search won’t let any past evictions slip by you. Access eviction records from every appropriate jurisdiction in every state (where available).

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tenant employment verification

Employment Verification

Successful tenant employment verification combines applicant provided information with direct-to-source investigations. Our employment verification process involves calling a tenant’s current and past employers to confirm the validity of the content contained in their application. If an applicant passes all other criteria test, then this is the last thing you need to check before approving them for your property.

We consolidate all our research – primary and secondary– into a comprehensive report you can access and monitor online and in real time.

  • employment history position Position
  • employment history salary Salary
  • employment history start end date Start Dates
  • employment history start end date End Dates

We confirm the authenticity of employment history, and if there are no red flags, you can be pretty certain you have a quality tenant.

Criminal History Check

Depending on where you are in the United States, around 7% of your tenant applicants are going to be convicted criminals. The key thing to understand here is that running a profitable property management business and keeping your community safe are not conflicting objectives. Years ago, running a criminal background check took several days or weeks to complete. Today, this is no longer the case and, in some instances, can be done instantly. Every good tenant screening process needs to have a comprehensive criminal background search component.

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