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Evaluate a property’s performance with state-of-the-art data analytics and reporting. Make important management decisions quickly and remove any guesswork. Get a better understanding of who your tenants truly are to improve marketing efforts.

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Informed Decisions are Good Decisions

Avoid making mistakes, and let the data make the decisions for you. With our intuitive analytics and reporting tools, you gain valuable insights into the performance of your properties and tenants. Achieve true transparency by dissecting and analyzing all the data you’ve accumulated over the years and turn it into actionable data. The key benefits are improvements in monitoring performance and the extraction of meaningful insights yielding operational excellence.

Comprehensive Reporting

If you’ve been in the rental and leasing business for awhile, you know that an tenants’s credit worthiness is the number one thing you’re concerned with. Our system provides the most comprehensive tenant credit report available today. Remember, this isn’t the only thing you should be checking though.

  • Increased Occupancy Increased Occupancy
  • Lower Property Costs Lower Property Costs
  • Improve Revenues Improve Revenues
  • identify trends Identify Trends

Combine an applicant’s credit score with additional data points, and you’re screening process will be virtually mistake proof.

comprehensive property manager reporting

Targeted Marketing Efficiency

Do you really know who your tenants are? By using our analytics and reporting tools, you gain a deeper understanding of your renters, enabling you to focus marketing efforts on tenants who provide the most value. Gain incredible insights and clarity to better allocate marketing spend across your properties.

The net result yields efficiencies and hyper-focused marketing efforts. With this type of information, you’re likely to have applicant fill rates skyrocket.

Information & Knowledge are Power…

Unlock powerful analytics and reports from data you never knew you had.
Always make informed and smart decisions.

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