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A critical part of managing condos and a homeowner association is ensuring all aspects of the property are operating smoothly and efficiently. Our condo and homeowner association tools do exactly that by streamlining the application screening process. In addition, you have access to powerful add-ons for collections, surety bonds and renters insurance.

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Tenant Screening

The first step to keeping your community safe is knowing who’s in it! Use Rental History Reports for the most thorough tenant screening available. By going the extra mile, you can ensure all the tenants provide value to the community, keeping everyone happy. We’ve created a state-of-the-art screening process that is continually updated with the important information you need to know.

  • tenant bankruptcy Credit History
  • tenant payment history Eviction History
  • tenant credit accounts Criminal History
  • tenant collections Employment History
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Homeowners Condos Collections

Tenant Collections

Handling collections can be an extremely tricky process. Things happen and past due payments need to be recovered. Rental History Reports offers you a completely hands-off solution for dealing with your tenant collections. You get access to an online portal that streamlines the process and eliminates headaches. There are absolutely no sign-up fees or extra costs for you or your tenants. What’s more, we make it convenient for your tenants to pay with the payment method of their choice, including credit card, mail in payment, Western Union, and more.

Renters Insurance

To fully protect your community it’s vital everyone has proper renters insurance. The correct insurance plan protects against a variety of property damage like fire, flood, storm, sinkholes and more. Insurance also protects against property theft and liability in the case of injury on your property. These are safeguards and benefits for your entire community.

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Homeowners Condos Analytics

Analytics & Reporting

By partnering with Rental History Reports, you get detailed analytics and reporting customized for your unique needs. With a single click, you have access to all your important tenant and operational data to help you make intelligent decisions.  Leave no stone unturned, and you can be more confident when making important decisions that impact your property and tenants.

Risk Assessment

The amazing part of being in a condo or homeowners association is being part of a community.  It’s the homeowners association’s job to minimize the risk involved with new tenants entering the community. By utilizing Rental History Reports’ tenant risk assessment tools, you can help guarantee a safe and happy community for all your tenants and residents.

Integrations with All Major Platforms

Our partnerships with all the leading property management solutions means you can easily transition to our suite of tools. We make the entire process seamless with zero interruptions to your current property management operations.

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