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Full Data Report Package

$44.95 (paid by you or the applicant)

Is this the right package for me?

Our Full Data Report Package is our most popular report package. It offers comprehensive criminal background screening that will help reduce the risk of falsified information and the attempt to conceal criminal activities among potential renters.

What products are included in this package?

Invite Renter Feature

The Full Data Report package includes everything below (click on the name to learn more about the product/feature):

» Invite Renter™
» Landlord ToolBox (Forms and Resources)
» Nationwide Criminal SuperSearch
» RentBureau™ Rental Payment History
» Social Security Number Verification
» 10-15 Year Address History Listing
» Financial Risk Assessment
» Nationwide Sex Offender Registry Search
» OFAC / Global Terrorist Search
» RHR Exit Referral Database Search
» Eviction Search
» Federal Criminal Record Search
» Identity Theft/Fraud Protection
» Statewide/County Criminal Search

PLEASE NOTE: Court-mandated fees may be assessed for certain county criminal searches. You will not be charged until you approve the fee and order the search area when viewing the report.

How long does it take for the Full Data Report to be completed?

Generally it takes about 24-48 hours for the background screening report to complete. However, the times may vary depending on any manual research required. Here at Rental History Reports we value accuracy above all else. When records are found, we take the utmost care to ensure that any records we put on the report actually belong to the applicant – and not someone else with the same name. You will receive an email once the background screening report is completed.

Will the applicant receive a copy of the background screening report?

Applicants do not automatically receive a copy of their background screening report, but they do have the right to request one through our office. If an applicant tells you he/she would like a copy of the background screening report, please direct him/her to our applicant copy webpage at www.rentalhistoryreports.com/applicant. It is important that applicants obtain copies from us rather than from you so that we can ensure they are given a statement of their rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act along with their report copies.

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